We would be delighted to be involved in your wedding as your local church.

The Marriage law allows you to get married in a church if you were baptised in the parish or were confirmed from the parish, if you lived or any of your parents or stepparents lived in the parish for 6 months at any time or continually worshipped for 6 months at any time or if any of your parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

This may sound a little confusing and you may need help regarding whether you can marry locally. If you have any questions, please contact our administrator on 01235 510865 or

 The Church of England also has a very useful FAQ section

Church Address
Great Western Park Church
UTC College Café, Greenwood Way
Harwell, Didcot
Oxfordshire OX11 0DL
The Vicarage
The Vicarage
1 Holly Lane, Didcot
Oxfordshire OX11 6DA