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We want to reach people who live and work locally so that they might be encouraged by what church can offer their community. We want each of us to know that God loves us uniquely and values us as individuals. We believe that we are the body of Christ, and that we all have a distinctive and vital role to play in the church. We would love to meet you, to extend this invitation to you in person.


Mark's day off is Wednesday.  Please respect Mark’s day of rest.  If you need help on Wednesdays please contact Helen in the office which is open between 1pm - 6pm on Wednesdays – telephone: 01235 510865 or Thank you.

Church Address
Great Western Park Church
UTC College Café, Greenwood Way
Harwell, Didcot
Oxfordshire OX11 0DL
The Vicarage
The Vicarage
1 Holly Lane, Didcot
Oxfordshire OX11 6DA