Welcoming Children

Great Western Park Church is committed to sharing the love of Jesus with children, offering interactive bible teaching, activities and a creche at our morning service. We welcome children and families and look forward to getting to know you.  Do just come along on a Sunday or to one of our church led community events. For those interested in a Thanksgiving service or a Baptism for their child please contact administrator@didcotallsaintshall.org.uk


Baptism is important. It is a sign of being made one with Christ and becoming a member of his body. It is an act of Christian initiation. It is not simply a symbol, a kind of visual aid, but is also a sacrament, a visible sign of an inward, spiritual grace. Baptism is a one-off event offered to infants, children and adults.  

In infant baptism, parents thank God for the gift of life, make a decision to start their child on a journey of faith and ask the Church’s support.

We baptise the children of church members here at Great Western Park Church and those who openly profess Christian faith, seek to follow Christ and bring up their children as Christians.

We Baptise children at our sponsor church, All Saints’ Didcot, normally on Sunday afternoons by arrangement.

Parents and Godparents at that service make a statement of their belief in God, and their acceptance of Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord. They promise to pray for their child (or Godchild), to teach them in the Christian faith and to bring them up within the local church congregation. Baptism services follow time spent in preparation with the minister learning about the Christian faith and their commitment through Baptism.

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